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Virtual Assistant & Client Support

Course Overview

Learn to apply modern technology and techniques for conducting business administration or remote client support, using common platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox etc. The course was built using feedback from businesses on the skills they need staff to possess for a successful shift to remote work during the Covid-19 lockdown(s).

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Ability to provide client support or business administration remotely opens doors worldwide, as most large technology companies have transitioned to 100% remote work and are recruiting from anywhere in the world. The career potential of remote work is only limited by the vocation and imagination of the graduate. You can apply for roles such as Virtual Assistant, Client Support Executive, Data Entry Clerk, Technical Support Specialist and much more.


8 weeks – 12 weeks (flexible)


Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer technology for a variety of tasks and roles + competence to function effectively in a technology environment.

Course Description

Many businesses have embraced remote work as the new de facto normal for office-related tasks. However, many roles, such as administration and customer support have new dynamics and challenges when it comes to doing business remotely.

This course covers the essential factors of remote administration and client support, including how to effectively schedule and conduct remote meetings, to ensure that regardless of the distance and media used, customers and clients can effectively share their thoughts and feel heard. Additionally, this programme will explore making effective use of cloud platforms for ease of access and sharing between colleagues and clients.

In addition to service and soft skills (communication, discernment, problem solving, etc.), this course will also familiarise learners with various communications platforms they are likely to use during their career. This introduction will include configuration and troubleshooting guidance, so that associates can feel comfortable providing support to clients and peers on how to fix common issues that appear when using remote-communication platforms.

Successful graduates will attain a ReTrain Certification (RTC) in Virtual Assistant and Client Support, demonstrating their ability to use cloud and communication software to administer business remotely, no matter their physical location.