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Careers & Work Placement

Recruitment & Placement


“We are playing a valuable role in making up the skills shortfall in the global marketplace.”

We work with companies and placement agencies in Canada and other global locations to ensure that we build careers for associates after graduation.

We engage course tutors to understand employment preferences and present student profiles to partners and clients. We commence job searches during the course, with the objective to present our associate with employment options after graduation.

The sooner we can place you, the better for us all! What works for you works for us too!

Your Journey
to Employment

Interested in Global Work Opportunities?

    Join The Team

    At ReTrain Nigeria, we are more than a great place to work! Our work is life changing. We are a diverse and inclusive group of people, united by our desire for purposeful work.

    We work closely with ReTrain Canada to ensure that we apply global benchmarks for people engagement.

    We have a small, dynamic and talented workforce and are always searching for candidates of similar values and work ethic to join our team

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