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About Us

Our Institute

ReTrain is a modern training institute. Whether personal or corporate, physical or virtual – our dynamic and interactive courses reskills and upskills for organisational development, improved career advancement and access to global job opportunities.

Increased adoption of remote work has created opportunities for capacity to be retained within the continent, whilst engaging globally presenting opportunities to reduce or reverse brain drain + economic migration, thereby providing new income sources.

Our customised programmes for companies are designed to address organisational challenges and improve staff morale for enhanced workplace productivity.

Our model has intentionally been developed to align with our corporate social responsibilities to humanity.


Our Mission

We deliver life-changing skills by facilitating globally recognised, functional and standardised education in key fields to activate benefits of a global digital economy, progressively adapting towards remote work trends.

Our Market

Organisations intending to develop or reskill their workforce and individuals aiming for better performance + economic inclusion in a global marketplace.

Our Model

With key partners (Retrain Canada and Tesnas) along with other reputable local partners, we offer recognised certified training, internships and work experience, which global employers are searching for.


We offer physical and virtual programmes with flexible schedules. Sessions are interactive, ensuring deep engagement between tutors and associates, for a richer, deeper and more fulfilling learning experience.

Key Partners

Tesnas is a Canadian professional placement and recruitment agency that specialises in connecting skilled technology workers with remote jobs and internships. Our client base includes a pool of dynamic companies and organisations searching for equally-dynamic top talent.

ReTrain Canada is dedicated to reskilling and upskilling of Canada’s workforce, creating a solid foundation for their present and future success. Courses are developed to provide career options that use technology which employers are hiring for. ReTrain Canada works with employers to develop and evolve course materials, ensuring course content is relevant and practical. Instructor-mentors have a solid foundation of industry experience along with being expert guides for students going through the learning process.

ManpowerGroup is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world, and they are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

At ManpowerGroup, individuals are not just faceless names; they're valued, trusted, and supported in their journey to achieve their goals in both work and life. Whether it's career planning, on-the-job guidance, or training, ManpowerGroup is there to assist people in developing their careers.

ManpowerGroup helps 400,000+ clients succeed through innovative workforce solutions.

Other Partners


We offer flexible and affordable training programmes to position you for high-earning jobs or improved staff performance.

We research global employment trends and with our modular and micro-credentials approach, quickly upskill or reskill you for jobs that global employers are hiring for, to have you earning a competitive wage shortly after graduation. After graduation, we also place you in our alumni programme, where you will frequently interact with fellow graduates to sharpen each other’s skills and connect on opportunities.

In developing and delivering customised courses to corporations, we consider local issues and pecularities for a rounded and current solution.

ReTrain Canada is a founding partner of ReTrain Nigeria. All course materials are developed by ReTrain Canada (with input from our local team). 

We encourage you to engage with a ReTrain career consultant who will consider your background, knowledge, expectations and goals to advise appropriately.

Literacy + good knowledge and command of English language is essential, as this is the language of instruction for all our courses. Prior tertiary qualifications are not mandatory. However, we advise that you study prerequisites and discuss any concerns with a ReTrain career consultant before signing up.

All our course timelines are crafted for market demand and specifically designed to accommodate student preferences (part-time or full-time, weekdays or weekends, time of day, etc.). Course durations range from 1 day to 12 months (depending on the course). We ask that you share your preferences with your ReTrain career consultant and indicate these on your application. This will enable us to design an appropriate timetable and place you in a suitable programme. Course duration estimates can be found in the Courses section.

We offer true value-for-money by utilising skilled and experienced mentors, market-related content, smaller class sizes to ensure meaningful engagement and work or internship programmes through our global partners. Costs depend on specific programmes and several factors including subject matter, student preferences, time, duration, etc.

Costs are advertised once a programme is confirmed. However, ReTrain career consultants are often in a position to provide estimates, prior to programme confirmation. We understand that affordability is often a concern in this peculiarly challenging environment. As such, we offer payment plans and periodically provide grants and scholarships. Please visit the Upcoming Courses section frequently or subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about such opportunities.

For more information about specific costs of upcoming courses, please speak to your ReTrain career consultant.

Yes, but only to the next available running programme of a selected or revised course with similar schedule and timetable.

This is completely a preference issue, depending on individual circumstances. However, because our model and value chain of services includes a remote work component, we do tend to be biased towards encouraging and promoting remote work!

All our courses are led by a mentor/instructor, supported by a training assistant. Whether physcial or virtual, all courses are real time and interactive, as we believe that the engagement with mentors and fellow students provides immeasurable value and inherent future industry relationships/connections.

We pride ourselves on flexibility, as we review your timing and scheduling preferences and endeavour to place you into a suitably convenient class programme.

Yes, but these are generally customised and targeted towards organisations and institutions. Please speak with a ReTrain consultant for more information.

Yes. Canadian employers are very big on “Canadian trained” and “Canadian work experience”. If you have attempted job searches in Canada, these are surely terms you frequently came across. This particular issue has been cause of frustration for many capable candidates. This was and remains a big factor in our affiliation with ReTrain Canada, Tesnas and other placement partners.

Our aim is to curate candidates and position them optimally for Canadian and other global work opportunities.

All our course content are specifically designed to be easily understood and retained by students, whilst ensuring we provide you with skills to maximise your potential. We continually use feedback from students, marketplace and industry to modify course content. We advise you to study course prerequisites and discuss any concerns with a ReTrain career consultant before signing up.

Depending on the course you complete, you will either receive an RTC.ReTrain Certified credential or an RmC.ReTrain Micro-credential. An RTC designation certifies that an individual has completed a body of training courses, studies, and examinations sufficient to demonstrate competency in the relevant field. RmCs are stepping stones towards other credentials, employment roles, or other academic pursuits such as professional accreditations, post-secondary or post-tertiary studies.

With key partners (ReTrain Canada and Tesnas) + other partners (corporations, recruitment agencies, government agencies, non-government organisations), we start work on finding you work opportunities once you register in a programme, with the aim to place you in a suitable job as soon as you graduate.

We have and continue to do this very successfully. We take this very seriously, as this is key to our established credibility and reputation. All our programmes are designed based on skills presently in high market demand, particularly in Canada but also globally. A significant proportion of fees received are allocated to placement related services.

We urge you to beware of unscrupulous organisations advertising job guarantees. The decision to employ you is ultimately up to an employer and not a 3rd party. Employers base your employment on your technical knowledge, soft skills, remuneration requirements and interview performance. No 3rd party agency is in a position to guarantee you a job on behalf of an employer.

For further enquiries, chat with us on WhatsApp or complete the form and we will revert shortly.