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Training & Leadership

Course Overview

ReTrain’s approach to Training & Leadership transcends traditional leadership concepts by offering a nuanced exploration of what it takes to inspire, guide and educate others in a variety of settings. It meticulously interweaves the art of leadership with the science of training whilst creating a dynamic framework for participants to cultivate their abilities in both domains.

From the foundational theories of leadership to the practical skills needed for effective training, this course covers an extensive array of topics designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as leaders and trainers

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Upon completion, participants will find themselves well-equipped for a broad spectrum of career opportunities across leadership, training, human resources and project management functions.

The course is intentionally tailored to foster skills that are highly valued in roles such as Training Manager, Leadership Development Coordinator, Project Manager, HR Specialist and other similar roles. It serves as a practical, utility and marketable stepping stone towards more advanced C-level positions.


4 weeks – 6 weeks (flexible)


ReTrain’s Training & Leadership course is accessible and comprehensible to all interested individuals, regardless of previous experience (or lack thereof) in leadership roles.

Course Description

Leadership is essential to employers in every industry. With this course, you will master techniques to expand on your success by becoming a trained leader and mentor within your organisation.

Our Training & Management certification is designed for new or aspiring leaders to refine soft skills and management techniques needed to successfully share information, lessons and business plans with peers. Participants will explore their leadership preferences and delve into self-awareness and communication styles, highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence and active listening in effective leadership.

The course also focuses on developing a trainer’s skillset by emphasising the significance of body language, assertiveness and adult learning principles in creating and delivering engaging training content. It prepares associates for the challenges of supervisory and managerial roles by introducing concepts such as action-centred leadership, conflict resolution and the management of disciplinary issues.

A thorough examination of training needs analysis will further equip participants with skills to define, collect data and implement training strategies that align with organisational objectives.

The section on Project Management introduces participants to the Project Management cycle, life cycle, methodologies and essential tools, including a focus on leveraging technology like Office 365 and understanding cybersecurity’s relevance to project management.

By integrating theoretical insights with practical applications, this course ensures that participants are not just exposed to leadership and training concepts but also prepared to apply these principles effectively in real-world scenarios.

Successfully completing this course will award the ReTrain Certification (RC) for Training & Leadership.