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Investments & Trading With Cryptocurrency ​

Course Overview

This course focuses on the front end of cryptocurrency – such as buying, investing and trading in cryptocurrency, holding and moving wallets, and keeping cryptocurrency secure.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Graduates of this course will have the knowledge necessary to administer their own cryptocurrency investments as well as provide reliable insight into the market mechanics for others to start their own investments. Country-specific legal and regulatory parameters are to be considered but the lessons from this course are still applicable for financial advisors and other professionals looking to improve skills and understanding of new investment opportunities.


1 week – 4 weeks (flexible)


Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer technology for a variety of tasks and roles and competence to function effectively in technology environment.

Course Description

Learn how to trade and invest with cryptocurrency using the latest techniques and technologies. By understanding the backbone of the crypto market, you will be well-positioned to make this exciting new asset work for you.

This course covers several key aspects of investing with cryptocurrency, including managing wallets, processing times, and the functions that blockchain plays as a public ledger for transactions.