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Fundamental Sales Skills in Banking

Course Overview

Banking is an essential service worldwide and this course was built to address the skills most commonly needed or requested in a sales role within a banking institution. This program covers everything from financial products, soft skills, to finance ethics and legality.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Graduates of this course are well-suited to function in financial services in a variety of roles, including sales, marketing. teller or customer service. With a broad understanding of financial processes and products, graduates have a substantial advantage should they wish to pursue career advancement to become personal bankers, financial advisors, estate planners and so on.


1 week – 4 weeks (flexible)

Course Description

Have you experienced a McCabe nod? Built funnels within a Client Relationship Manager (CRM)? This course will help aspiring financial salespeople build skills focused on banking, finance and insurance.

From developing soft skills, understanding body language, professional sales ethics and leading conversation interaction, to learning about the supporting software systems in the sales cycle, associates will improve their fundamental selling skills and gain a better understanding of selling products and services within the financial services industry.