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Data Analytics

Course Overview

This course provides foundational training in data analytics, with particular attention to critical elements like data sanitisation, ethics and correlation vs. causation. The broad foundation provided by this course gives associates the opportunity to pursue either a very specific type of analytics or a broad career as a general Data Analyst.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

The market for Data Analytics professionals is an economic blue ocean, as the entire world generates on average about 1,000 petabytes of raw data every year. As individual computing power increases, ability to convert raw data into useful information also grows exponentially, creating new opportunities for Data Analysts to find employment in just about any industry.


12 weeks – 40 weeks (flexible)


Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer technology for a variety of tasks and roles, and competence to function effectively in a technology environment or a strong background in IT or a computer-assisted Mathematics background.

Course Description

Data Analytics is one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry, with the explosion of computer-facilitated collection and analysis of raw data. This course introduces associates to many of the fundamental aspects of preparing and analysing data, including scrubbing inputs, organizing raw information and building up meaningful processes and algorithms to convert the data into information.

In addition to data handling, associates will learn about data integrity, security and the theories about how best to pull insights from raw data.

This course provides an enormous diversity of career opportunities, as almost every electronic industry depends on some form of data analytics to forecast their marketing and sales and to drive research and development of products and services. This career path benefits highly from prior career experience, as business knowledge is critical for establishing the intent and algorithms for analysing data.

Note: This is a challenging course intended for those with strong computer and IT backgrounds. The course programming culminates in a difficult final exam and requires a powerful computer in order to run the course software.