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Cybersecurity Foundation & Quality Assurance Testing​

Course Overview

Our introductory cybersecurity course, covering a broad range of security fundamentals and testing basics is intended to be accessible to non-IT people such as business owners, executives, supervisors and team leads. It covers two essential cybersecurity questions: What is the practice of cybersecurity? How can a user determine whether their system or platform is secure? – the QA section of the course.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

As a foundation-level program, this course offers a wide range of career options for graduates. Those who enjoy the IT and problem-solving aspect of the programme can continue on in an entry-level cybersecurity or IT role. Those with other interests can contribute as cybersecurity champions or specialist team leads in disciplines that overlap with IT or cybersecurity (E.g. insurance, technical writing).


6 weeks – 20 weeks (flexible)


Advanced computer skills certificate or equivalent experience; A laptop or desktop computer of sufficient processing power.

Course Description

Take the plunge into the challenging, exciting world of cybersecurity with this six-week intensive course. With the latest feedback from industry leaders, this course has been designed to be the first step on the road to specializing into a cybersecurity career. Accordingly, this course covers a broad range of topics, including threat research, software development and IT security operations.

Instruction in this course is geared towards practical, technical training. By completion, associates will be able to identify and write basic scripts for automation and penetration testing. Students will have the opportunity to further specialize into one of three roles: Quality Assurance, Software Development or Penetration Testing. Each role offers unique and lucrative career pathways into high-demand IT roles.

This course is also a valuable resource for those who depend on a strong understanding of cybersecurity, but are not necessarily in the cybersecurity field, such as corporate leaders, IT professionals and technical writers.

Graduates will receive a full ReTrain Certification (RTC) in Cyber Foundations and QA, demonstrating their competence and versatility in handling cybersecurity topics and issues.