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Cybersecurity Client Liaison

Course Overview

Building on the Cyber Foundations & QA, this course focuses on the sales and communications aspects of the cybersecurity business, with additional drill down to the key areas of technology, sales, interpretation and other soft skills. This program was designed based on feedback from organisations who provide IT and cybersecurity services and identified needs for technologically savvy salespeople, technical writers and brand ambassadors.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Cybersecurity Client Liaison graduates generally work at the crossroads between sales and IT, providing a vital bridge between clients’ needs and the possibilities of IT and cybersecurity. Common roles include Cybersecurity Sales Executives, Technical Writers, Technical Communication Specialists and Team Leads.


6 weeks – 24 weeks (flexible)


Cyber Foundations & QA or a strong background in IT systems or cybersecurity.

Course Description

The cybersecurity space, particularly in Canada, needs capable salespeople and ambassadors, able to bridge the gap between the latest technologies and the people who must use it. Our Cybersecurity Client Liaison course is a focused programme designed to explore the aspects of selling and serving cybersecurity to clients from a sales or executive role.

Like most sales and service roles, this programme will cultivate soft skills, such as the capability to describe and discuss highly technical terms in ways that non-technical people can understand, learning ways to overcome objections and personalising outreach to better engage clients. As the bridge between clients and operations, this programme will still require a higher-than-average capability with computers and IT infrastructure.

Projects will require learners to move fluidly between cybersecurity professionals and non-technical clients and back again, while providing demonstrations and explanations on a variety of cybersecurity topics. This course is valuable to individuals who are seeking to enter a sales or marketing role in the cybersecurity industry, are planning on entrepreneurship or who want to improve their ability to understand and work with clients and their needs.

Graduates will receive a full ReTrain Certification (RTC) in Cybersecurity Client Liaison, demonstrating their skill and commitment to effectively communicating technical concepts, delivering cybersecurity services and understanding client needs in both technical and nontechnical ways.