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Cybersecurity Basics

Course Overview

This course is intended to provide basic knowledge and introduction to a variety of real-world cybersecurity topics. It has been designed for accessibility to those without an IT or security background, covering topics such as password security, 2-factor authentication, and common attack methods.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Completing a basic cybersecurity course can provide you with foundational knowledge and skills that can prepare you for various entry-level or junior positions in the field of cybersecurity. Some potential career options that you may be qualified for after completing a basic cybersecurity course include Cybersecurity Analyst, Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst, Security Administrator or Security Awareness Trainer.


1 week – 4 weeks (flexible)

Course Description

Do you work in a non-IT field and are curious about cybersecurity? Explore how to identify and communicate cybersecurity best practices with staff, managers and peers. Learn how to perform regular security audits of your own personal and business accounts to ensure that they haven’t been compromised. Graduates will be certified with a ReTrain Microcredential (RmC) in Cybersecurity Basics, demonstrating that they have taken their first steps in managing their personal and professional cybersecurity posture.