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Cybersecurity Applied Penetration Testing (Level II)

Course Overview

Applied PenTesting II covers advanced, modern and novel methods of penetration testing. Building on Applied PenTesting I, this course covers active directory, escalation, pivot and long-term attacks.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Graduates of this program will place themselves in a high-earning market, with skills necessary to conduct a full penetration test and will have many opportunities to both pursue and craft their own senior roles in cybersecurity through some combination of employment, contracting and consulting.


6 weeks – 20 weeks (flexible)


Applied Penetration Testing (Level I).

Course Description

Elevate your penetration testing capabilities with this penetration testing course. Designed to build off the skills of Applied Penetration Testing  (Level I), this course further teaches learners how to go after the infrastructure of modern cloud and network infrastructure.

The primary objective of the programme will be the recon, enumeration, and exploitation of active directories (ADs) using a variety of tools and public disclosures. As a domain and identity-based system, learners will study how to exploit ADs to escalate privileges, conduct lateral attacks and persist long-term on victims’ systems. Many of the tools and exploits used in this course are bleeding-edge with provenance stemming from state-level cyber-attacks or intelligence gathering.

As with Level 1, learners will also learn how to articulate their exploits, findings and recommendations, becoming authoritative communicators on the nature of their clients’ vulnerabilities and cybersecurity postures. Additionally, learners will explore the ethics and logistics of deploying wide-ranging and long-term penetration tests.

Note: This is a challenging course intended for those with strong computer and IT backgrounds. The course culminates in a final exam and requires a stable computer in order to run the course software.