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Cybersecurity Applied Penetration Testing (Level I)

Course Overview

Applied PenTesting I is the introductory course to more advanced Red Team testing processes. This course focuses on the fundamental requirements to conduct in-depth and complete penetration tests, with particular focus on legal and ethical boundaries for legitimate work.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will have the skills and experience to operate as a Junior Penetration Tester, IT Auditor or in an advanced Quality Assurance role, quicky positioning graduates for high earning potential.


6 weeks – 20 weeks (flexible)


Cybersecurity Foundations & QA or a strong background in IT systems or cybersecurity.

Course Description

Join the ranks of the world’s premier penetration testers, with ReTrain’s certified Applied Cyber Penetration Testing Certificate.

This challenging course has been designed to equip prospective cybersecurity professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary for them to conduct penetration tests from start to finish, then be able to speak with authority about their findings to potential clients. Associates will analyse, modify, correct, port and cross-compile code for various public exploits before escalating to remote and client-side attacks through both established and novel techniques.

Those who are successful at completing the course’s rigorous curriculum will be awarded a ReTrain Certification (RTC) in Applied Cyber Penetration Testing, demonstrating their expertise in using tools, intelligence and knowledge in the exploitation of computer system vulnerabilities.

Note: This is a challenging course intended for those with strong computer and IT backgrounds. The course culminates in a final exam and requires a stable computer in order to run the course software.