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AR/VR Software Development & Design

Course Overview

A course for those with good computer skills, the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) program provides training both in the development of virtual 3D spaces and also instruction in effective design from both narrative and interactive perspectives. The programme encompasses a wide variety of end-uses for AR/VR, including entertainment, education, and practical modelling that would be too difficult or dangerous to conduct in the real world (E.g. 3D modelling a rocket engine’s components while the rocket is firing).

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

This project ends with a final project at an employer. AR/VR Development is a field with enormous potential, certain to experience exponential growth in the coming decade. Careers in the field are limited only by a users imagination. Existing fields include entertainment (VR games and movies), marketing (metaverse), education (virtual training) and industrial modelling. New fields that have emerged more recently include interior design, motion therapy and mental health treatment.


12 weeks – 24 weeks (flexible)


Advanced computer skills certificate or equivalent experience; A laptop or desktop computer of sufficient processing power.

Course Description

The future is virtual, and you can take your first step into this exciting new frontier with this course, culminating in a final project with an employer. The goal of this programme is to equip students with the basic skills needed to cultivate a career in 3D software development and design. This will range from studying design, understanding how humans think and managing projects, to creating interactive 3D worlds using cutting edge 3D rendering engines.

This course is taught by industry leaders with industry contacts and context. It is project driven and marks are based on a combination of quizzes and project assessments. It also features studies in 3D software development and a bottom-up exploration of what goes into designing, programming and releasing an experience in virtual or augmented reality.

Graduates of this course will receive the prestigious ReTrain Certification (RTC) in AR/VR Software Development and Design, demonstrating that the associate is qualified to develop and design software in the AR/VR space.