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3D Printing & Design

Course Overview

This program provides instruction on how to design a virtual object, then convert it to a real one via a 3D printer. The course provides a combination of industrial design, graphic design, 3D rendering, programming and small-scale engineering – all centred around the process of devising an object, rendering it, then printing it through an extruder system.

Employment & Career Path Opportunities

3D printing and design is regarded as mostly a hobby or craft if pursued casually. Those who are seriously passionate about 3D printing and object design may apply their passion to create and iterate designs, contribute to world open-source object repositories and even pursue a self-motivated career in industrial design


2 weeks – 8 weeks (flexible)


Knowledge and proficiency in the use of computer technology for a variety of tasks and roles, and competence to function effectively in a technological environment.

Course Description

3D printing is an exciting Do-It-Yourself field and this course is designed to equip anyone with the knowledge to complete a 3D printing project, from the process of designing an object in 3D space to printing and finishing it using a variety of extrusion media.

In addition to production pipelines, students will also learn how to assemble and maintain a 3D printer (one will be provided with the course) and how to handle various printing materials like resin and various plastics. Finally, students will learn how to manage 3D graphics files, including how to finalize them for production or public release.

Graduates will gain a ReTrain Microcredential (RmC) in 3D Printing and Design, demonstrating their competence in 3D design and the ability to use and maintain a 3D printer to create finished products.